Top Online Colleges In Texas

Lone Star State has six public university systems, three of which are major campuses, which are recognized as tier-one research universities: University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University and University of Houston All public, later secondary institutions are overseen by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board, however, each school is responsible for its own operations. Rice University is the only private, tier-one research institute in the state and is recognized nationally for its academic programs. Given the size of this state, many higher education institutions provide distance education. Online college courses in Texas are available through many colleges and universities, including Texas Tech University, University of Texas and University of North Texas.




Houston As Texas’s largest city and the fourth largest city in the country, Houston has more in terms of business, healthcare, art and education. Bayou City is home to the world’s largest medical center, a thriving museum and theater district and many public and private institutions of higher education.

University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. This educational health center educates more health professionals than any other in the state and is one of the largest medical schools in the country. UTHealth offers bachelor programs in Dental, Medical, Nursing, Public Health, and Biomedical Information Science and Sciences. Along with on-campus programs, UTHealth offers internet courses and online continuing education courses for nursing and other health care areas.

University of Houston – main, clear lake and downtown The main university within its system, the University of Houston is one of four Texas Tier-one research universities, as well as the third largest university in the state. This is the largest public distance learning program in Texas, the YH distance education, which provides online, hybrid, interactive television and face-to-face classes. Distance education is also given by two other stand-alone universities in the UH system, UH – Clear Lake and UH – Downtown.

University of Phoenix – Houston One of the most famous online colleges in Houston, this University of Phoenix campus is located away from Katie Freeway. Graduate and undergraduate degree programs are available in areas such as business, management and technology. Workers are seen towards the professional, the campus courses are available once a week and the online courses are available through online campus.

Commonwealth Institute Funeral Service This institute provides vocational education for those who wish to pursue a career as a director of funeral or as an ambler. Apart from a certificate in the funeral directive and an associate of the Applied Science degree in the funeral service, the Institute provides an online certificate in the funeral directive.

Top Online Colleges In Texas

Houston Community College As one of the largest institutions of higher education in the country, the Houston Community College nominates more than 70,000 students in each semester. When it comes to learning online, HCC has a lot with remote education credit courses, online continuing education programs and online tuition programs.


Ocean Technology Institute This institute focuses on Ocean Technology, Research and Development. Through on-campus and online programs, students can obtain a certificate or an associate, graduate, master or doctoral degree.
ITT Technical Institute – Houston North and South ITT Tech provides education and training in the growing career areas through more than 130 campuses through technology-oriented programs. In Houston South and North Campus, students are very good to choose from programs and it is choose in Electronics Technology, Information Technology,   Business and Criminal Justice and Drafting and Design,.

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