Top Best Picasa Alternatives to Use

Picasa has become only a distant memory. The program that substituted Picasa–Google Photos–left a great deal to be desired. Sure, it’s plenty of cool features, but for those that prefer a more hands-on strategy within their own photo organizing software, it is not strong enough.

Surprisingly, even after all this time, there is not a program which you could definitively predict the finest Picasa replacement. So instead we have compiled a listing of the finest Picasa alternatives.

Picasa had a desktop computer and an internet element, and Google is pushing its own customers towards transferring everything on the web. You may be understandably hesitant to try it, but a number of the best choices on the market are cloud-based. Listed below are a couple of of the top ones.

Google Photos

That is, clearly, the most obvious option. Google Photos certainly provides some benefits over Picasa; it is incorporated with other Google services (like Google Drive), you do not have to start a new account, it is absolutely free, it gives basic editing choices, it supports photographers using RAW files, and the interface is actually simple to use.

Regrettably, in addition, it has lots of drawbacks. The editing tools which are now available are very limited, especially in contrast to Picasa. Photographs that you upload from your mobile device are automatically scaled to conserve room on your Drive, and you just have a limited quantity of storage space to get non-scaled photos.

Fundamentally, you are going to be making a great deal of compromises. Nevertheless, it is not a terrible alternative. The automated uploader ensures that all your photographs are backed up from the cloud, also because it is a Google product, sharing has been made really simple. Additionally, there are both web-based and cellular choices, which is actually fine for those who do a good deal of smartphone photography.


Whenever it’s generally considered as an image-sharing website to host photo albums at no cost, Flickr can be perfect for picture storage and company. Regrettably, its usefulness was tempered slightly by the choice to restrict free users to 1,000 photographs instead of 1TB of distance.

In addition you get editing programs powered by Aviary; they are not just the best, but you’re able to perform all the principles you’re most likely to want, such as correcting contrast and brightness, and eliminating red-eye.

The Complimentary Flickr Pro eliminates the limitations and advertisements, permits you to upload unlimited photos in almost any resolution, and provides innovative stats and metrics.


Dropbox is very versatile, which makes it a helpful cloud storage program. And although it does not provide any editing alternatives, Dropbox still receives a mention here because of its simplicity of use and simplicity. That is all there’s to it.

And while $100/year is not affordable, it is not too awful for 1TB of distance. The biggest advantage here is that additional space may be used for anything else, too. You can store music at the cloud or for office cooperation.

The very best thing about Picasa was that it had been great for company and had competent editing tools too. Regrettably, that is a small rarity in the picture management program arena, so a number of the programs listed here will just perform one of these functions. You might need to get started using two distinct pieces of software to control and edit your photographs.

XnView MP

XnView MP carries some editing programs, but it is best used as a picture organizer. The interface is not especially pleasing, however it will provide a good deal of info about your photographs in a glance, such as filename, size, date shot, and lens information.

Among the very useful things you can do using XnView MP is label your photographs so that you can easily keep an eye on classes which don’t occupy the exact same site.
This computer software is really intended as a media browser, rather than just a photograph browser, which means you’re able to receive all the very same kinds of data for videos, sound files, and some of over 500 file formats which it recognizes.

And it is absolutely free, and it is definitely a selling point. The business also publishes a cellular photo editing program, so it is possible that the more desktop editing capacities will show up later on.

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