Do You and Your Insurance Company Know Your Liability?

Traffic signals are everywhere. They provide us with warnings, instructions and information. They can meet with public roadways, private roadways and parking lots. As of June 13, 2014, all agencies with public and private roadways that are open for public travel require a traffic signal assessment and management plan.


I know what you are thinking, the government’s great paperwork is to add them to the already developed bureaucracy. Although this may be the case, if you have a commercial or industrial business, mall, shopping center, home owner association, convenience store, gas station, just to name a few, with parking lot or roadways, you prepare for the traffic Should Signature Retroreflectivity.

Why should you focus on traffic sign evaluation and management? If you allow motorists to drive on their property, then it is almost impossible, you are entering the new scope of potential liability.

You should know with your insurance company what could be the failure to prepare and plan for traffic sign assessment and management. I bet that most agencies and businesses do not even know that traffic signs are their responsibility.

Why do not you humiliate me and I give you an example of how it can affect you. When your property was built, at that time you were more than likely to own or get a driveway or highway occupancy permit to enter the public road and exit. There is no big deal more than the possibility of a stop sign at the entrance to your plan, right?


Incorrectly, if the driver who leaves your property goes out in the way of an incoming vehicle and has an accident, then one of the things to look into the investigating agencies is whether the proper traffic signs are in place and in operational conditions. They will see the signs of helping to determine who is the fault. Maybe it’s not a big deal if it’s a drunkard, but what if there are major injuries or deaths are worse. Now you can be certain that the insuring parties, or the injured or the family of the deceased, will be looking for someone to pay the loss and pain and suffering.

Believe me! In the above example, we are talking about only one sign, a stop signal. I ask you some things that might ask the investigator.

What was the date of the property owner, stop sign? Do you have a record of purchase? Did the stop sign meet the highway traffic sign standards at the time of installation? Where did you buy a sign? Was it established for height and height as per the standards of the highway? When was the last time the signal for compliance?

Holy cow! How will you know that information as a property owner? Simple: A traffic signal evaluation and management program.

Now there are more than one stop sign on properties for many permits and civil plans for properties, many have many signals. Do you also know that some states, counties and local agencies add words to permit schemes that give the owner of the property the responsibility of the new roadway signs added during the construction. I know, you are asking, why would they do this? Delegate, simplify or pass responsibility to someone else. Smart on their behalf, but bad for you and your insurance company.


MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) is making all our lives a bit more interesting. I believe the door is open for the flood of liability claims relating to traffic signals. MUTCD and the Federal Highways Administration have said that open public roads for public travel are necessary to meet the provisions of MUTCD, including the minimum retroflexability standard. I know that some people will argue that parking lots are not included, although I believe it is spread to the parking lot. My reasoning behind this is that there is a drive lane in a parking lot and what is the drive lane in addition to a private road. But hey, I will allow the lawyers to argue at that point in the court.

A data obtained from Auto Insurance quotes dot com indicates that data from 2012 claims of nationwide insurance has revealed that all parking has 13 percent accidents. During my research I have found that injuries to pedestrians are one of the fastest growing accidents in the parking lot. So my next question is the hints of your pedestrian crossings?

As you can see, I am trying to make a point, if you do not have a Traffic Sign Assessment and Management Plan or think it can not be for you then I can say that it is good luck. But just remember that an implemented plan can be the cheapest insurance you can buy.

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